Do cruise ships give discounts to senior citizens?

It wasn’t that long ago when seniors overruled the cruising industry.  Back then, many thought that cruising could only be enjoyed by those with the time and resources to travel.  A cruiser in the past likewise must manage to go on getaway ‘cut off’ from their world. On cruise ships, TV sets, phones, Internet or e-mail were all non-existing yet.

Nowadays, traveling on cruise now appears to be for everybody, irrespective of income or age. Whileit is considerably more appealing in the older times, cruising continues to be an extremely favored getaway option for seniors and retired people. Senior citizens remain to comprise a sizable section of the cruising population. At one point, plenty of “baby boomers” now enter theage of retirement. They got the budget to shell out and the spare time to tour the planet. In case you ask: Do cruise ships give discounts to senior citizens?The answer is straight YES!

In case you are more than 55 years old and thinking of cruising, you will probably be attracted to find out of the promotions and discount rates that are being offered to seniors.

A senior is typically defined in the cruise industry as somebody that is at least aged 55. Nevertheless, a senior on Costa Cruises is somebody that is at least aged 60.

Cruise lines offering senior discounts

A lot of cruise lines acknowledge the value of senior citizens to the industry and provide discounted rates appropriately. Yet they all have various policies concerning it. The cruise lines which are at the moment have discount rates offered to seniors are: Celebrity Cruises,Carnival Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

The total discounts may vary and are not typically posted on their sites.

A wonderful component of senior discount rates on cruises is that not just the seniors benefit from them; in case at least one passenger in the room is a qualified senior, the discount rate is also given to the second passenger! An eligible senior will need to present valid government photo ID for age validation upon boarding. Nonetheless, the discounted rates for the seniors may only be offered as the sailing date comes close, possibly four to seven months from cruising. Also, the age 55 discount may not lead to the cheapest fare you may find for any given cruise.

Whenever you book a double occupancy stateroom for a solo individual, a lot of cruise lines have a tendency to charge nearly the same price that they would certainly charge for two individuals. If you are a senior cruising solo, finding out which certain ships offer single occupancy staterooms is a good idea, so as to stay clear from this sort of charges. Costa Cruises and Holland America Line have ships offering single occupancy staterooms. The latter has an exclusive room-sharing program for solo vacationers. It provides singles choice accommodations where a senior passenger is ensured to cruise at the double occupancy price, with another individual of similar sex. Note that in this kind of a program you may find yourself solo in the cabin, in case they cannot match you up with another person.

There are likewise exclusive discount rates for cops, firemen, armed forces, educators and others, and it is actually not possible to merge them.